Rescue & Hospice
Stray Beagles
Strict state and local laws govern stray animals that are found. The animal must be checked for a microchip, which we do on-site, and all efforts must be exhausted to find the owners. This includes contacting local animal shelters and other rescues, notifying the police department, and posting on social media outlets. Strays must be held for a minimum of 48 hours prior to being released for adoption if no owner comes forward. All strays will receive bordetella and a DAPP series vaccine for the safety of the stray, being as they're housed in a facility with other animals, and will be microchipped if no chip is present. The cost to pick up a stray from the rescue is $20 to cover these costs. If a stay needs additional veterinary care upon arrival, this will be provided as well. While the owner is not responsible for costs incurred by additional vetting, we do appreciate any donation toward the cost of care.
Intake & Adoption
After the mandatory stray hold has lapsed, the beagle will go through the same intake process as owner surrenders--meaning that the dog will be fully vetted, microchipped and altered if needed. Applications will not be considered during the stray hold, but are accepted once the intake process is completed.
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