Rescue & Hospice
Adoptable Beagles
Atticus is a rather handsome 2-3 year old hound mix, on the larger size around 60lbs. Atticus' past is unknown--he came in to a shelter in Kentucky as a stray and was presumed to be a failed hunting dog and had extreme anxiety. Attie spent a year there, where volunteers worked tirelessly to help him feel at home. He came to BHRH to get the chance to work in a home setting, and is absolutely flourishing here. He still has some aversion to going for walks on a leash and is very wary of new people. He would do best in a home with another dog present and will need a fenced-in yard. He adores children as well, and just needs an adopter with patience and time to help him transition.
Billy & Tommy
Billy (darker face, black spot on his trunk) & Tommy are adorable littermates who are roughly 1-2 years old. They absolutely thrive off one another and will be kept together for adoption! Billy is more reserved and a quicker learner than his brother, who tends to be more rambunctious. Both are incredibly loving and like to cuddle with each other to the point that they're even kenneled together! They get along well with other dogs, but will likely chase cats in the home.